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Masport LE5000 Provincial Convection Wood Heater Inbuilt Model
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Masport LE5000 Provincial Convection Wood Heater Inbuilt Model with Zero Clearance $2349
Masport LE5000 Provincial Convection Wood Heater Black VHT Inbuilt Model $1949
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The key to an efficient, long-lasting fire liesin the design and construction of the superiorcast iron firebox.
The Masport Heating cast iron fireboxes feature an advanced panel design with an integrated array of heat dispersing fins that can increase the surface area by up to 65%. The result is a superior wood fire that transfers heat from the cast iron firebox, through the fins and into the room efficiently. The added thickness plus the height of the fins evidently gives extra mass and surface area to the cast iron firebox.
This in return has the ability to retain the heat and distribute the warmth efficiently for longer periods even after the fire has died downMasport fireboxes have been built with a Triple Air Combustion system.
Triple Air Combustion Technology
Masport fireboxes have been built with a Triple Air Combustion system designed to efficiently burn all the fuel put in the fire. Primary air comes through slots with high/low control, gets preheated and drives primary combustion of fuel. It also creates an ‘air wash’ over the door glass, keeping it clean. Secondary air comes from either side of the firebox through the air-tube which creates turbulence and burns small, unburnt fuel particles at a very high temperature. Tertiary air comes from below the door or rear of the firebox to ensure complete combustion. This complete combustion gives better efficiency thus reducing running costs and keeping the environment clean.
 Masport  LE5000

The traditional style of the LE5000 Provincial is perfect for transforming your existing masonry fireplace into a dramatic modern feature. Available with an optional zero clearance kit, these fires can be quickly and safely installed into any wall of your home.


  • Heats medium to large areas with 21kW estimated peak heat output
  • Superior heat from a fully lined finned cast iron firebox and triple air combustion system
  • Standard 2-speed fan for faster heat circulation
  • Suitable for masonry recess installations and new zero clearance applications
  • Available in black painted finish
  • Fascia Dimensions; 1010 x 715mm (insert) 1010 x 765mm (zero clearance)


  • FINISH: Metallic black paint (Matt black enamel door)
  • FIREBOX: Cast Iron
  • HEAT AREA: 160m2
  • EMISSIONS: 2.8g/kg
  • CIRCULATION: 2-speed convection fan
  • CAVITY DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): 590 x 420 x 650mm (Insert) 715 x 525 x 660mm (ZC)
  • Installation: Inbuilt
  • Warranty: 1 year(s)
  • Firebox Warranty: 10 Years years
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