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BBQ Care  

Cleaning your BBQ is paramount to it functioning properly and its longevity.
Note: BBQ’s used infrequently are more prone to seizing up than those used often.

BBQ’s in coastal conditions need more frequent attention.
If the following simple things are done periodically, your BBQ will last years as our experience has proven.

1. Clean the grease collection tray regularly, check it before each use. Fat/grease fires are not covered by the warranty.

2. It is not necessary to remove the ceramic tiles for cleaning after every use as they will generally burn themselves clean during the next cooking operation. However periodically the ceramic tiles will need to be turned over and shaken free of debris for a thorough cleaning. How often you use the grill and the amount and type of food cooked will determine when it is necessary to clean the tiles. If grease can be seen on the top of the tiles or if you get a lot of flare up during cooking, the tiles need to be turned over and heated on high for 20 minutes; longer for heavy soilling.

3. Your barbecue should be cleaned regularly with hot soapy water and dried afterwards. Do not use steel wool as it will leave steel deposits on the surface of which can cause rust. Stainless steel wool or Scotch Bright pads can be used but both of these products will leave scratch marks where you have rubbed. Only use these on stubborn deposits.

4. To remove rust marks we recommend NEVER DULL wadding polish, by Eagle One. To prevent rust marks polish the barbecue with stainless steel polish regularly. For more details refer to our Stainless Steel Care page.

5. Grease or oil the gas control valves every 3 months to avoid them seizing up. If they become hard to turn or if you smell gas. you should get the barbecue serviced.

6. Periodically check the leads on the ignitions for fraying and the connection contacts.

7. Do not attempt to dismantle the control valves or the regulator.

8. Periodically remove the burners and scrub them with soapy water and a wire brush. Make sure the ports are clear from obstructions. When replaced turn each burner on and check the flame is burning well.

9. Regularly check the hose for leaks or perishing.

10. If you cannot operate the barbecue correctly turn it off. Do not continue to use it. Take it back to the place of purchase or BBQ Factory and get them to test and repair it.

11. Stainless Steel and Powder Coated barbecues can be affected by high temperatures of which can cause discolouration on the barbecue frame.

12. Check and tighten nuts and bolts on the barbecue and trolley periodically.

13. A canvas cover will help keep your barbecue protected from the weather. Make sure the barbecue is dry before putting on the cover or corrosion may occur. Coastal climates are particularly vulnerable to this.

14. We recommend service of this appliance to be done by an authorized person every two years.
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