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BBQ Tucker Tastes Better  
Why people prefer Tucker barbecues

For years people have complained about their last barbecue and what is wrong with it, common complaints are as follows and what Tucker have done to remedy these complaints.

Cleaning is always an issue that people want to minimise. Most barbecues have large drip trays which you line with foil, sand or kitty litter which soaks up the oil and food scraps.These big trays create lots of problems because of theiroverall size.They are hard to clean as they don’t fit in kitchen sinks so most people clean them outside in their garden. People in units have even more trouble as they don’t have a garden. For these reasons most people don’t clean them often enough and cockroaches and other pests live and breed in the trays.The other problem is fat fires.These occur when the trays are left full of fat and oil while the barbecue continues to be used. One day they catch alight and burn all the ignitions, facia decals and control knobs. This is something that we have seen time and again.

Tucker looked at this problem and created a small cassette style drip tray in the middle of the barbecue which does not require sand or kitty litter. It is small enough to be washed in the kitchen sink or dishwasher, so can be cleaned easily after each use.

Tucker also introduced a double skin chassis into the S Class barbecues. Firstly the double skin fully insulates the burner chamber from wind gusts, as single skin barbecues are prone to the burners being blown out when on low on windy days.Secondly, heat loss caused by gusts is minimised, increasing gas efficiency. Our double skin uses more material but makes the barbecue useable in all wind conditions.

Another reason to double skin the chassis was to make the barbecue safer to use.Children are free to be around the barbecue as it no longer has an outside temperature that will burn your skin if accidentally touched. If you are building your barbecue into a bench or outdoor kitchen clearances to combustibles are also reduced. In factyou will have the closest clearance to combustibles in the market to work with

Another question repeated for years has been,“Why don’t barbecues have a spot where you can see the flames from the burners while you’re cooking?” We have now designed the S Class with flame sight slots located above each control valve. These little things give the operator peace of mind that the barbecue is operating correctly. We don’t know of any barbecue that offers this.

Gas manifold systems are one of the most important parts of any barbecue, yet little is ever spoken about the manifold system. The manifold is the component pipe that carries the gas from the hose inlet through the valves into the burners. Tucker has used many different manifold styles over the years in search of the best system. We have found that the best system is the most direct route low pressure gas can go through. The more pipes, bends or turns gas has to travel through, the less pressure you will get out of the line.Most manifold systems are manufactured around cost and this is where the problems start. Round manifold systems rely on O rings to seal the valves to the manifold pipe but in time the O rings perish and lose their elasticity which then creates dangerous leaks in the system. Tucker uses threaded square manifold pipe and the valves are screwed into the pipe, sealed and a lock nut is tightened into the pipe. This system has been tried and tested under the harshest condition in our coastal testing grounds and we have used both systems and found the square style far more reliable.

We have also found that in time all steel galvanised or plated manifolds fatigue. Salt environments are particularly hard on anything not made from stainless steel. We have had barbecues 15 years old returned for service and found rust in the steel manifold system yet the stainless steel chassis is sound. For this reason we decided to make our manifold from stainless steel so that coupled with the stainless steel chassis it will last the barbecue’s life time. Nobody else we know makes a stainless steel manifold system!

Ignitions are by far the most unreliable component of any barbecue and are a consumable part. Most barbecues are left out in the weather and neglected ignitions are prone to seizing. Tucker has tried rotary, battery and simple push button ignitions in various models and has found the simpler the ignition the better. We find if you integrate the ignition with the valve at some point the ignition will fail and then because the two parts are combined you have to replace both parts. Tucker barbecues are made with an independent ignition on every control valve for this reason. The ignition is easy to replace, inexpensive and does not affect the control valve. If it fails you can still use your barbecue as it has more than one ignition. With no friction on the control valve because the ignition is independent the valve should last the barbecue’s life if oiled periodically.

Ceramic tiles have been introduced into the S Class range of barbecues after a long affiliation with volcanic lava rock. Rock has long been the preferred choice of heat retention and dispersion for gas barbecues. The problems with rock is that it cracks and splinters when used for the first time which is unnerving and can be dangerous. Over time it gets saturated with oil which creates unwanted flare and problems when cooking. Tucker have tried stainless steel baffles to reduce flare and direct heat but these baffles reduced grill temperatures when the barbecue was on low.The rock barbecues had a higher grill temperature when tested under the same conditions.

Tucker has made a ceramic tile which increases the heat retention qualities and spreads the heat more evenly than anything tried before. Another advantage is they are made flat so that when they are greasy from oil and marinades you can simply turn them over and the burners will burn off the residue. You can repeat the process again and again.

Stainless steel plates and grills are the best material you can use for the cooking surfaces of any barbecue. We have used cast iron before and find that it flakes and rusts over time. Cast is difficult to clean as it makes it more prone to rusting. Cast iron is porous so tends to retain cooking flavours and affects the taste of meals. Some vitreous enamel their cast iron to try to slow down the fatigue but eventually the enamel will chip and you will not only end up with cast iron in your food but also enamel which is like glass.

Heat output is another problem Tucker has tackled. One of the biggest problems people have is flare. Reduce the heat, reduce the flare. With the introduction of the ceramic tiles we have been able to reduce the gas input of our barbecues due to the heat retention of the tiles. We have dropped our gas consumption by more than 20 % but still achieve a desirable amount of heat. This in turn has huge benefits for you! Gas consumption is less and wear and tear is reduced on the barbecue, as heat is a major factor in fatigue of barbecues. Less heat means less flare ups and juicier steaks and meals. Tucker has been doing research and development for over 25 years. That’s why, TUCKER tastes better.
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Tucker BBQs can be purchased in a variety of mix and match combinations. They can be purchased with or without trolleys. Roasting hoods are optional and are avail-able with and without viewing windows on some models. Side burners are also available as optional extras .
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