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Bust The Myths Of Barbecuing

Everyone loves a BBQ, but not everyone can or has mastered the art of cooking. We find that people rely on luck and often blame equipment for raw or burnt food ,well this may or may not be the case as you will see.

1. Why do we always burn our food? Is the flame too close? Some big brand BBQS actually promote their BBQs as being very efficient because their burners are very close to the grill. If this was true we might as well just place the meat on the fire like cave men? Ask any expert who cooks over charcoal, you must have a good distance from the meat to the charcoal otherwise you burn everything and the same goes for cooking on gas. You don't want the fire too close, the main reason other BBQ manufacturers do this is to reduce their cost on material. We’ve made BBQs for over 25 years and we know how to make a shallower BBQ but you will sacrifice the quality of cooking, thats why we are still making the deepest fire box in the market. The burners remain a good distance from the cooking surface, and thats why our BBQs cook better.

2. Does cooking over charcoal tastes better? YES. Do you know why? Well it's because the food is cooked slowly and when the juices drip down into the charcoal the flavour gets infused into the meat. This is what barbecuing is all about - that BBQ aroma! Most BBQ grills are too close to the flame or the BBQ is just too hot and cannot be adjusted correctly. They invent all sorts of deflectors to block the flame and channel the juice to the bottom grease tray but all the deflectors work as heat baffles which is just a waste of gas. On the one hand their burner is producing heat and on the other they are using a piece of metal to block it off. This is a problem fixed by a problem. We are not rocket scientists but we know the reason they don't do it properly is cost. We actually do the opposite, a deeper BBQ body coupled with our ceramic tile cooking system which burns off more of the juices where others have most go into the drip tray. This allows our Tucker Grills to cook and taste like real charcoal only without the mess and effort.

3. How come your cooking skill is there one day and gone the next? A lot of people just blame the butcher for selling a fatty sausage or a bad quality steak. The reason could be the weather especially the wind factor, ....uninsulated bodies require more heat when it is cold and less when it is hot, strong winds can effect the temperature of your grill, we have insulated the body on our S Class series so that no matter what weather conditions, each time you use your BBQ the temperatures are consistent. We probably use twice as much material than competitors but the results speak for themselves. A lot of BBQs just will not work well in windy conditions due to bad design. We have more experience making BBQs to cope with coastal winds than anyone.

4. Enamel versus Stainless Steel? People make up so many stories to tell you how good enamel is, well cut out the bull, just look at any commercial kitchen, does anyone use enamel? NO, they all use the same high quality 304 commercial grade stainless steel like we use on our Tucker Grill S Class. Enamel will last ok but it is only as good as the material it is put on! Nowadays the steel is cheaper quality and thinner than previously and chipping and crazing is rife in cheap BBQs. Enamel hides the grease as most manufacturers use black and if you chip enamel it breaks off like chrome and if it gets into your meat it will cut your throat like glass! Stainless Steel will not chip or craze which is why hospitals use it for utensils and hardware.

5. Why is my old BBQ looking so bad? Well if you use enamel, painted, plastic and stainless steel parts you will find that some parts will wear out faster than others. This is an old trick to make the BBQ look great in the show room and the price seem affordable but once you get the BBQ home and put it outside and the heat and weather get to it, the inferior parts fatigue. Stainless steel will always look good and last longer.

We don't make price point BBQs , we design Tuckers to perform time and time again.

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Bust The Myths
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The Tucker S Class can be purchased in a variety of mix and match combinations with trolleys and roasting hoods. Viewing windows are available as an optional extra on all stainless steel roasting hoods. Side burners are also available as optional extras.
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