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Expert Ideas  
Our hints and tips for this summer!

When you start looking for ideas about new furniture for your home or outdoor area, there are lots of things to think about and consider before you purchase.
Come in to one of our stores and see for yourself the differences in textures and weight.
Try the comfort of different chairs and speak with our experienced staff on durability of materials used and the conditions that the furniture will be under.
It is always better to try before you buy!

Here are a few points to consider before you go looking.

How much space do you have?
What size setting do you need?
Are you looking for a setting for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or more people?
Remember you need to be able to move around while people are sitting down.
You will need approximately 1 metre from the side of the table to comfortably pull a chair out and sit down at a table.
Before you come in, measure your area.
Make sure that you leave enough room for access around the area you intend to put the furniture in.
Can you walk around your table and chairs when everyone is sitting down?
How many people do you usually entertain for?
How often do you entertain for large amounts of people?
Is an extension table a better idea? Would you be better off with two separate tables.
Do you have children?
Children find it difficult to get in and out of arm chairs when they are little.
Maybe benches are a better way to go as you can fit more people around the table and children find it easy to get on and off of benches.
Think about this as it may change the style and size of the setting you are looking for.

Can you mix and match?
Ask about whether you can mix and match tables and chairs.
Will timber look good with wicker? Come in and try mixing up different styles of furniture to see what it all looks like before you buy.
At the BBQ Factory we have a large range of outdoor furniture that you can purchase separately if you choose. If you have already got a table our staff can help you choose chairs to suit your table or a table for your chairs. Our experienced staff will help you make the right choice.

What conditions will the furniture be in?
Is the furniture going to be under cover?
This is something to consider as settings with cushions will be exposed to rain and sun which will fatigue them quicker than if they were under cover.
Is the area exposed to high winds?
Light furniture can blow around.
These are all things to consider before you make your choices. Our experienced staff are always on hand to offer you the best advice.
Will you need an umbrella to cover the outdoor setting?
Harsh sun in the summer can be very uncomfortable as well as damaging to your skin.
What type of maintenance will your furniture require for the conditions it will be in?
What colour fabrics will match with your outdoor area or surroundings?

What about the weight of tables and chairs?
You see nowadays there are so many choices of materials that furniture is made form.
Come in and look over our range and feel the difference of the materials and weights.
Timber has always been the most popular choice of materials but it doesn’t always suit every one.
Timber requires higher maintenance than synthetic wicker or aluminium and is heavy in comparison.If you entertain older folk, arm chairs are ideal as they use the arms on the chairs to help them sit down and stand up, choose stable chairs with good posture.

Are your family and friends big in stature as this can affect your choice of chairs as to the strength of materials used and the durability of the furniture.

What is it you really need?
Are you looking for a place to relax and unwind?
Maybe a lounge setting is what you are looking for.
Duplication of dinning settings is also a consideration do you need to double up.

How do I choose the right wood?
Make sure you ask about the quality of the wood and does the timber bleed sap?
How do you take care of the timber?
Is some wood better than other types of wood?
Can it be left without oil on it?
Come in and speak to one of our expert sales staff at the BBQ FACTORY for the best expert advice.

What about wicker furniture?
Tucker Collection Duro-cord resin wicker offers the classic look of traditional hand woven wicker made from materials selected to last a life time.

Available with top quality, all weather fabrics, this collection is well suited for any covered or open outdoor setting.

Tucker Collections Duro-cord resin wicker will withstand the elements and years of use, easily outperforming and outlasting conventional wicker of the lesser construction.

Features of Tucker Collections Australian all weather wicker include:
High quality, UV resistant, Duro-cord resin, woven over aluminium frame.

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· How much space do you have?
· How many people do you want to seat?
· Will the furniture get wet?
· How much maintenance will it require?
· How do I look after it?
· What style will suit your house?
· What type of material will it be made from?
· How much warranty does it have?
· Come in and talk things over with our experienced staff, they will help you with all of your questions
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Our extensive range of designer outdoor furniture has something for everyone. Choose a complete setting or mix and match to suit your needs be it in, timber, wicker, aluminium, plastic stainless steel, or stone we have something for you.
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