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Furniture Q & A  
Questions and Answers frequently asked about outdoor furniture.

BBQ FACTORY has manufactured outdoor timber furniture for over 20 years. If you need advice on outdoor furniture come in and ask one of our experienced staff for help.
We have furniture made from the following materials: Kwila and Teak timber, extruded and cast aluminium, Synthetic Wicker, Stone, Concrete, Stainless Steel. We are always open to offer you advice 7 days a week.
Come in and see the real thing, sit down and experience the comfort, everybody has a different need due to their size, shape and outdoor area.
Following are a few frequently asked questions and some answers for you to digest before or after you purchase your outdoor furniture.

What is the best product for windy areas?
Timber, stone and stainless steel are good choices as they are heavier than alloy furniture. Cast alloy is normally heavier than extruded alloy furniture and can be used in windy areas without too much trouble.
Aluminium outdoor furniture is durable against coastal conditions but being aluminium it is very light in weight and in windy areas it will get blown around and can get damaged.The painted finish on aluminium furniture can be affected by salt in coastal conditions. It is recommended that you hose down the furniture often so as to avoid build up of salt and dust this way your furniture will last longer and always look great.

Is all wood the same?
No! There are many types of wood and some are more durable for using in outdoor furniture than other species. Some furniture made from wood is not very durable as it has been made to suit a price point for retailing and not a quality for durability.
It is always best to ask for advice from a specialist !
Timber furniture is solid and will last a long time but if it is exposed to the weather it requires oiling to keep its natural colouring. Kwila timber is great wood for garden furniture but it does leach/bleed sap when exposed to the elements for the first few rain falls. It is a good idea to leave it on grass and hose it down before oiling it for the first time so it will leach without staining your deck or pavers.

Are there diffrent qualities of wicker?
Synthetic wicker has become very popular of late in furniture design.
Tucker Collections, Duro-cord resin wicker offers the classic look of traditional hand woven wicker made from materials selected to last a life time. Tucker Collections Duro-cord resin wicker will withstand the elements and years of use, easily outperforming and outlasting conventional wicker of the lesser construction.

Will some last longer than others and should you ask about the durability?
Generally it is all UV stabilized but cheaper quality wicker does not last as long because of the UV treatment. BBQ Factorys Duro Cord wicker is UV treated and has been tested for over 4000 hours, some retailers use only 1000 hour wicker, always ask about the durability of the wicker.

Does aluminium rust?
No, aluminium does not rust like ordinary steel it is light weight and long lasting.

Can you clean the wicker?
If you spill sauce or food on texteline mesh or wicker coverings of the furniture, it is best to wash it with soapy water and scrub it off as soon as possible.
Make sure to rinse after washing. Do not use bleach or heavy detergents as these will fade the fabrics or may even rot the fabric.
Don’t be lazy and wash your furniture in swimming pools as chlorine will rot the fabric and take the paint off and pit the alloy.

What can i do to help protect cushions or coverings? Scotch guard is a great product to help cushion and umbrella fabrics from fading in the sun light.
Rinse off your umbrella and cushion fabric every month with a hose as dust and grime will eat into the fabric over time and washing it down will help it to last longer.

If you want to keep your furniture looking good and lasting well follow these simple rules and you will have years of enjoyment out of your furniture.

Why buy Teak furniture?
Teak has qualities unlike any other hardwood and is known as the king of timbers for outdoor furniture. It has the ability to withstand all weather conditions and if left untreated will weather well staying smooth and fading to a beautiful soft silver grey colour.

Teak is a hardwood which is light in weight but strong, most hardwoods are heavy. Fixings are used sparingly and warranty claims are minimal as good wood and design are keys to quality Teak furniture.

Does Teak bleed sap?
Not really if at all. This is why it is a perfect timber for outdoor furniture as it remains light, weathers well and does not bleed sap as much as other hardwoods do.

Is Teak expensive?
Yes, be careful if the price is too cheap be wary as Teak is a very expensive timber and the price should be more expensive than Kwila or normal hardwoods, if it is cheap the chances are it is of poor quality and will not last long.

Why buy Kwila timber furniture?
BBQ FACTORY have chosen pacific Kwila for the majority of its timber furniture collection for this year once again as it has great value and durability.
We have a selection of traditional and contemporary designs in our premium furniture range. Pacific Kwila is chosen for its natural beauty and stability to withstand all seasons and coastal conditions.

What is Pacific Kwila?
Pacific Kwila is a tropical hardwood and is selected exclusively because of its high oil content which
makes it virtually impervious against weather and insects.
If left untreated it will weather a beautiful shade of silver grey and stay smooth on the surface while
withstanding the weather naturally.

Why choose stainless steel furniture?
Stainless steel is very strong and long lasting, it can handle coastal conditions and is relatively light weight.
Using quality 304 grade stainless steel Tuckers modern design range is both durable and contemporary.
The table sizes are 2200 x 865 mm, 1800 x 865mm and 865 x 865mm
Backless benches are available in, 1600mm, and 2000mm and are great for entertaining crowds as you can fit more people on benches than using arm chairs around tables.
Arm chairs are also available and we have chosen to use pacific Kwila to couple with the stainless steel frames as it is both durable and beautiful.

What is aluminium outdoor furniture?
Unmatched in style, quality and value aluminium furniture is made for durability, light weight and strength.

What is texteline fabric?
High quality, UV resistant texteline fabric is fixed over the aluminium frames.
It has been designed to be strong and give you a cushion feel yet be low maintenance.
Rain washes though it and it dries in minutes.

What type of fasteners are used in aluminium furniture?
Tucker use Stainless steel hardware for quality, strength and durability.
Be careful when buying furniture to check if stainless steel is used as steel fixings will rust and the chairs will fall apart.

Remember for all the very best advice call into one of our BBQ Factory outlets and speak to our friendly staff they are always happy to help.
We are specialists in outdoor furniture and our advice is free and we will answer your questions

The internet is great for advice but remember it is always good to purchase from a retail outlet for service, advice and warranty if things go wrong.
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· How much space do you have?
· How many people do you want to seat?
· Will the furniture get wet?
· How much maintenance will it require?
· How do I look after it?
· What style will suit your house?
· What type of material will it be made from?
· How much warranty does it have?
· Come in and talk things over with our experienced staff, they will help you with all of your questions
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