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Kwila Timber Furniture Care  
Kwila Timber is a very durable hardwood.
If left without care it is very durable for many years but it will fade out to a silver grey colour.
During the weathering process you may notice “checking” or small cracks that appear in the wood. This is perfectly natural, as wood expands and contracts slightly when left outdoors. Checking is cosmetic only and in no way affects the structural integrity of the furniture. A lifting of the grain may occur on the top edges of the arms and legs as well, but will return to its original smooth finish after the initial weathering process. To aid this process, simply clean the furniture with a soft bristle brush or sponge as indicated below. Water spots or other discoloration may also occur during the weathering process, but these will even out with time.

If left in the rain the natural oils and tannins will wash out of the timber leaving it exposed to the harsh sun.
Note Kwila is a very oily hardwood it bleeds a lot of oil and tannin which can stain tiles, sandstone, concrete and decks, the stain left is a reddish brown colour and is very hard to remove, when you first get your furniture it is a good idea to leave it to bleed on a grassed area to avoid the staining of these surfaces.
Basically sun burns the timber and fades the surface to a silvery grey colour if it is not oiled.

This can be sanded off at any time but is not an easy job by any means. If you want to keep the natural colour of the timber then we suggest you coat the timber with oil regulary.
Now there are many different oils on the market, some are basic decking oils of which provide UV protection but are not all that durable under exposure to the rain constantly. The oil gets washed out after 2-3 months or so and the furniture will need re-oiling quarterly.
Some oils are very durable up to 2 years but require total removal before reapplication each time, we suggest you think hard before oiling furniture and speak to one of our staff regarding this process.
We have used and recommend a product called SIKKENS they make a number of interior and exterior timber finishes, the product code we recommend is HLS 077. This is an oil that with 3 coats will last around about a year in exposed conditions. The beauty of this product is that reapplication is easy, you simply clean the surface of dust and grease then paint it straight over the old coat. No sanding required unless you have left it too long between coats and greying has started to occur.
If greying has occurred and you are too lazy to sand the grey off then we recommend that you try the SIKKENS HLS 085 this is the same product as 077 but has a teak tint in the oil which is good for hiding the grey discolouration.
Handy hints
Sikkens the top surfaces more as they will be exposed to the sunlight and rain more than the legs.
There is no need to oil the underside of the furniture unless you can see it as the sun wont fade what it cannot get too.
It is a good idea to glue the furniture together as well when assembling with nuts and bolts as the furniture becomes more durable and in time the nuts and bolts will come loose and need tightening, make sure you lightly sand the parts you are gluing together as to get the best adhesion, you want the oil to stick to the wood not the oil on the wood.
Sikkens the bottom of the table legs and chair legs to stop the timber sucking in moisture from the ground reducing dry rot.If staining occurs on floor surfaces use a mild solution off bleach and a scrubbing brush as soon as you can.
Wait 24 hours between coats of oil, do not oil the furniture if it is wet, it must be dry between coats.
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