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Umbrella Buying Tips  
Umbrella Q & A

Umbrella ideas, questions and answers.
Before you purchase a new umbrella think about the location of the umbrella.
Is the location I need my umbrella windy?
Wind is a problem for large umbrellas, it is often better to use smaller umbrellas in windy areas. Sometimes it is a good option to use tilting umbrellas as you get more shade from these smaller tilting styles over the course of the day.
How will it stand up?
You generally find that most umbrellas are free standing and will require a base of sorts. When choosing a base it is a good idea to get the heaviest one available as even small umbrellas can need good securing in wind gusts. People tend to not get a heavy enough base because of price and there umbrella falls over causing more damage than the cost of the heavier base. Generally the bases come in either steel, concrete, plastic, cast iron or granite and vary in weight and cost. Ask our staff for their recommendation when looking to purchase, feel the weight and see if you can manage it on your own.

Where will I put it to get the best shade?
Look at the area you need to shade and where the sun rises and sets, this will help you decide where to mount the umbrella.

Is it easy to put up?
Think about this as you need to be able to manage lifting and retracting the umbrella, sometimes in a hurry due to sudden weather conditions.
Umbrellas come in lots of different sizes and shapes, the frames can be light to heavy in weight.
A large timber umbrella can be very heavy for older or small stature people.
Umbrellas come in a large range of sizes from small beach umbrellas up to 4m spans, the larger the umbrella the more shade they give.

What is a cantilever umbrella?
These umbrellas are designed to offer shade without the pole structure being in the centre of the umbrella covering.
The frame is to the side of the covering and you will need to speak to the sales person regarding the best way to secure the umbrella.
Some even tilt to offer more shade as the sun moves during the course of the day.

Do you have a choice of fabrics?
Materials can vary from cotton canvas up to polyester, olefin, obravia and acrylic canvas which
is the most expensive and also the most colour fast against fading.
Polyester and olefin are probably the most popular canvases right now due to the colour choices available and pricing of the material.
However fabrics are forever changing in development and it is best to ask our staff for the type that best suits your application.
BBQ Factory stock Shelta Australia’s range of domestic and commercial umbrellas as the range is enormous and the quality and styles cover all aspects of applications.
Make sure to purchase a reputable brand as you may need to service the umbrella at some stage and this is an important aspect of any purchase you make.

Our stores have shelta’s entire range along with a few unique models they have made exclusively for us, come in and see our range at one of our stores and ask for a demonstration of the features to see for yourself. Remember to measure you area and to note eves and walls so as they don’t impede on the umbrella arms.
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· Come in and talk things over with our experienced staff, they will help you with all of your questions
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